Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Corner View: Bee Sting Cake on the Menu

Today's Corner View theme is about your local menu. One thing you can certainly find everywhere in Germany is an Italian ice cream shop (eiscafe). Our local favorite has this dish with ice cream surrounded by a ring of a sort of warm chocolate pudding.

Thankfully the menu had a great color shot of the dish, as I forgot to take a picture of mine before we polished it off!

Another thing on this weekend's menu was Bienenstichkuchen (bee sting cake). We had cake and coffee over at my mother-in-law's house on Sunday. This is quite possibly my favorite German cake. Simple, not-too-sweet layers of cake sandwiching a frothy white layer of whipped cream, topped with crunchy, honey glazed, toasted almonds. Perfect!

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TheCluelessCrafter said...

Juliette, I wish we would have this at our Thanksgiving tomorrow.

Does the bee sting cake crunch a bit when you bite it? Texture is a bit part of my dessert experience and how much I love something;-)

juliette said...

CC - That top layer of almonds crunches, but it's not a hard crunch. It's like the amount of crunch you get tapping through creme brulee. (just right, IMO!)

One downside to this cake is that it's really hard to not make a mess eating it. The top layer always wants to slide off the cream and bottom layers when you go through with your fork! It might be easier if the cake was less heavy and more of a light sponge cake layer.

Andrew said...

Are those finger marks around the bowl of where the ice cream used to be? :) I would kill for a scoop of Coconuss and Banana Eis.

Conny said...

Drooling over here - those treats look delicious! Enjoying your Corner View today.

Theresa said...

Looks delicious

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