Thursday, November 19, 2009

wool = cozy decor

So I can't stop. Well, I stopped enough to do a rush job for work-work and that sort of thing, and I stayed up late to fix a dog jacket and finish some sewing bits of Christmas presents, but otherwise I'm stuck on these:

No more details because they're also destined to be gifts of sorts...maybe...Stefan thinks they look so cool and we keep thinking we could keep them all. Or not. We'd look pretty silly with so many, don't you think?!

Now, I have to give a MAJOR plug here for the lady who inspired me to give this a whirl myself. Her designs are SO much cooler than mine and she's basically got this down to a science. It's her job and it shows. Check out Knock Knocking's Etsy shop. She has a cute blog, too.

She's so creative, isn't she?!

I love the felt flowers she makes to put on them as well. I'm not so sophisticated. I'm going to go with imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and be happy for a good idea. I'm not selling mine, nor is my gift budget such that I could afford to gift so many of hers, but it's fun, no?

To see more posts on yarn wreaths hop over to Holly's post on Decor8 and the how-to tutorial that inspired her. Remember, if you want the look without the DIY, buy your own here (she updates her shop often).


jane said...

i love them! besos!

TheCluelessCrafter said...

Well, I see the mushrooms motif has been sidelined for these wreaths, but all for the better. These are quite whimsical and I really like that they are filled out more than the last one.

I've been writing about how to "craft conversation" as the holidays approach. I think that talking about a handmade wreath would be an engaging way to get guests to warm up to the social task at hand. Don't you?

juliette said...

CC: It might just be - or it might just be a invitation to hear how frustrating the task of crafting a wreath can be! (prickly evergreens, burning globs of hot glue, etc)

What if you were to ask how one might craft a wreath of life - what would one imagine that to be, etc?

Laura said...

awesome! My favorite is the cream colored one with the green bird. I am inspired!

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