Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Coming in second: cast a vote?

So for the heck of it I threw my hat in the ring at a handmade wreath contest. Stefan heard about this today and said,

"um, your picture is horrible. I mean, the wreath was really cool in person, but you think you're going to win with that horrible picture of it?"

thanks babe.

I actually don't care. I was pretty surprised to see that it's currently coming in second in it's little group. Who would've thought?

Wanna try to bump me to first?
Click here to vote: scroll down to the last group and
vote for Wreath 28.

Let's see if I win anything. If not, shoot, no biggie.
I'm already seeing family and friends in the US for Christmas, and that's prize enough for me!

1 comment :

M.S. said...

That's MY wreath that's hanging in MY house!!!! I'm so proud. I just went to try and vote but it looked like voting was over??? And Stefan's right, the pic just doesn't do it justice. Oh well, maybe AFTER Christmas you can take a new picture and do a big reveal. You know, with that new camera Santa is hopefully bringing you. :D Joyeux Noel!

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