Friday, December 11, 2009

2 wreaths and a dose of perspective

I made these as Christmas presents that have since been given to their happy recipients. More yarn wrapped around wreath forms with fun things attached.

Two things to note:
1) As these pictures show, I am in dire need of a real camera and I think I'm getting one for Christmas, so I'm excited!

2) Giving something handmade is kind of scary. You put all this time into thinking what the person would like and what might look best in their home, and then you put all this time into making it. As you make it, you realize your limitations and this can spiral into a "this looks like some kid's camp craft project - this is almost embarrassing! I can't give them this!"

At some point you remember they are your friends, your good friends, who, like you, like when people put time and thought into a gift. Good friends are usually not too far off in their gift giving. Good friends don't need Martha Stewart perfection, and good friends don't expect these to be re-hung every year until you die, ha ha ha!

Are these totally perfect? No. Is that ok? Yes!

Creating and then actually giving something risky, something handmade, was a good reminder that Christmas isn't about what we give to people (and obviously not about what we receive, even if it is a new camera!); Christmas is about something bigger - something God-sized - yet small enough to humbly come to us in a human infant form.

Even handmade things can get incredibly consumeristic. In light of the "season of giving", let's re-think how we celebrate the reason that started the season.


C N Heidelberg said...

Your wreaths look fantastic! I spiral into the 'kid's camp project' thing too. It does help to think about receiving the thing, however imperfect it may be. A friend of mine painted a frame and box for me. I really hated the style of them, but they are proudly on display right in my living room for all to see, because I love that she did it herself.

Epp said...

I love your wreaths! And the colours are excellent - so luxurious.

I'm also up to my neck in Christmas preparations, trying to divide my time between getting the work things done (yeah, there's no harm dreaming!) and crafting presents (and custom orders). Tricky, indeed!

Have a great trip overseas, and come back safe! We are also going home for Christmas. There's nothing like spending Christmas time amongst the family. I wouldn't miss it in a million years! :)

Carolyn said...

What do you mean? Those look great! And, yes, you are right...'tis the season!

machen und tun said...

the wreaths´ look fabulous! and you are totally right: it is kind of scary to give away selfmade stuff.. but i think most of the time people are really appreciating that you´ve done something for them, and that´s the real joy for both parts. actually i do not care so much if they use or even keep my gift as long as they are happy that they got it in the first place :-)

TheCluelessCrafter said...

The handmade, you are right, is really personal. It takes a lot of chutzpah and a load full of self esteem to believe that you are good enough at what you do to share it.

It's such an exposing experience, which is why I place myself in all facets of the art world to uncover what it feels like to give so much of yourself and wonder what will be given back. Often, I find that the effort I put forth isn't equally reciprocated. This can be crushing but I've gotten stronger by deciding that I would just give the extra hug to myself that was missing;-)

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