Friday, September 11, 2009

My skylight on Chez Larsson!

Benita, in Sweden writing Chez Larsson, has a great blog presenting all her DIY and organizing tips within a clean, fresh aesthetic. She also takes reader problems and offers creative solutions. Today she's featuring our skylight situation.

We're looking for a DIY solution for window coverings to save us from spending a fortune on custom coverings. She and her husband are offering up several viable options. I'm looking forward to picking one and getting started! Think of this as a DIY preview for us =)

Check out the post, but also check out her blog. I've been a regular reader and have implemented many of her organizing tips in our own home. Maybe there's something there for you!


Allison said...

I will be curious to see which one you pick. We have the same type of window in our bathroom and storage room. Luckily the house came with blinds that are set inside the window already. No stressing on what to do with them.

Lucy Loves Fabric said...

Hi Juliette

Oooh I love DIY, how exciting! Let us know which you choose, seems like a great solution!


Lakisha Autin said...

So, what fabric did you choose, Juliette? Am I right that you preferred the option #1 since you've posted its mock up? Sheer would be beautiful in the morning, but not so much on other times of the day. How about layer a thicker fabric underneath a sheer so you can enjoy dim or semi-bright atmosphere interchangeably? :) -->Lakisha

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