Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Corner View: September and a Science Fair

We're back to the Corner View series after a summer hiatus. This week's theme is September. School is in full swing here with Stefan back to teaching and this past weekend we had the chance to cast our votes in a local science fair from area elementary schools. Each project had to incorporate a mini solar panel to create movement. There were lots of windmills and sets of flying swings!

One of the more impressive creations had a solar panel that caused a beater in a jar to rotate; essentially a solar powered mixer.

Then there was this one named "Flying Saucer Standing Still". It's solar panel created zero movement on the project (bad) and looked more like it should be called "Grasping at Straws: a no imagination project".

Somehow a science fair seems very September-ish, and one focused on alternative energy seems very German! For more Corner Views, head on over to Spain Daily.


Daan said...

Happy CV! Happy September!

jane said...

wow these are so cool. i´m going to show my kids. wish they did things like that here... besos! p.s. aren´t your beer festivities starting soon?

Bonnie said...

oh how fun !

Le blÖg d'Ötli said...

A creative september !!! Thanks

Kari said...

the solar panel beater looks great.
What a fun September.

Katie @ said...

Oh my gosh! I just had to show Martin this post. Could you even imagine solar power being an elementary science project in the US? No way. What an awesome school!

la ninja said...

aha, fab plan to get kids going on environmental issues.
I want a solar-powered mixer too! :)

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