Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mini peanut butter cups - how??

My peanut butter supply is replenished after a trip to one of the local Asian markets. I found this recipe for making your own chocolate peanut butter cups, but am a tad stumped.

I have no mini sized paper cupcake liners.
I don't want to use the huge pan
(no liners for that pan either, come to think of it).

I do not intend to make my own paper liners.

Greasing each cup seems gross, even with butter.
Am I wrong here?

What do I do? Can this still be done?

If not, I'll have to resort to these
amazing looking peanut butter bars.

By the way - typing 'peanut butter cups' into
Flickr's search box seriously makes your mouth water.


travelingmama said...

Get in my BELLY! Mmmmm!

Petergaye S. Kisielewicz/ Yahgie said...

Those peanut butter bars is to die for. Looks so good right now.

Katie @ said...

I am totally bookmarking that pb bar recipe! I am with you on this post ALL THE WAY. Oh peanut butter cups!
I haven't liked homemade ones before because the chocolate was so thick and overwhelming. I've never seen the small paper cup liners here either.
Your post alone has my mouth watering, so I'll be sticking far from Flickr there! :)

Allison said...

Looks absolutely DIVINE!!! This is the exact reason why I don't make things like this because half the tray would be gone within the first thirty minutes. Very dangerous if you actually like the clothes in your closet.

Anonymous said...

Just found your lovely blog via Magic & Drudgery. I'm an American living in France and also an editor. I blog about sewing, crafting, cooking and family. I too miss peanut butter cups, but if you can get yourself some small silicone cupcake molds (easy to find here, at least) they are a doodle to make yourself. I blogged about this recently:

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