Friday, June 12, 2009

Repurposed tea cup roundup

I keep running into tea cups repurposed into all sorts of lovely things and it's got me dreaming. Our furniture has so many modern lines that I'd love to soften things up with a few of the pretty things I've been seeing lately. Check out this vase from Limetrees:
I used to always want this candelabra Anthropologie used to carry, made by Homebakes. No picture there anymore, but Homebakes makes this precious and similar version now:
as well as the stacking bunnies, which is super cute:
Then I saw Holly's post on Decor8 today featuring a new piece coming from Urban Outfitters. How cute would this be on your desk?
I'd love a cluster of these over the little kitchen table Holly blogged about in May.
But as the budget restrains, so the creative juices flow. SwissMiss posted this link to a repurposed Bonne Maman jar. We won't pay 72 Euro for one, but maybe we can rig our own...?
That's a project for AFTER we're all settled in!

UPDATE: Links for later on DiY: Etsy's drilling porcelain, teacup bird feeders one and two, and a teacup windchime. AT's post on Anthropologie's take on mason jar lights, and Design*Sponge's DiY post on making your own mason jar lights. We're on it! (after the move in is complete...)


M.S. said...

I just had to say that all I could think of when I saw the pile o' bunnies is 'I eat about that many bunnies at Easter!' They didn't look cute, they looked like delicious Peeps I want to eat. Maybe it's the Disney hangover talking...

juliette said...

i too thought of peeps when i first saw the bunnies! and the marshmallow mice you can get at the gummi bear store in town =)

Waterlilly said...

Awwwww.... so cute!

abeachcottage said...

love the light and the pencil idea, I'm trying it!


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