Friday, June 12, 2009

It goes on and on...

This week we've finalized the storage systems by going with our gut, and your votes. Two stand in the dining room like so:
and two stand in the living room around the corner, like so:
The top of the back dining room unit wouldn't fit with the slanted ceiling, so we put some mini feet on it for now and created a little shelf area for our stereo and *gasp* CDs. Yes folks, we still have CDs. Just like we still only take 'digital' pictures with our cell phones. Hence the pathetic photo quality. Sorry.

Yesterday we had to empty all our wardrobes and take over the drawers and lay the hang-ups on the floor. Today a couple of friends came over to help disassemble all the wardrobes and bed and then reassemble in the new place.

This business of taking so much of your furniture apart and having to rebuild it before you can unpack or hang up stuff is a royal pain. I have lived in over 30 different houses, mainly in the US, and can say that only in Germany have I ever had to take apart so much furniture just to move it!! We are once again SO GLAD we have all these weekends to make the move!


Waterlilly said...

Nice! You are expert with taking apart and putting together things...I think you should get a job at IKEA !!!

juliette said...

nooooooooooooooo!!!! =)

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