Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Chocolate on the stairs, for real!

Another sign that we are moving to a better place is that our new neighbors decorate their section of the public stairs with chocolate. I'm not kidding, look:
Each step has a tiny plant and three chocolates covered in foil to look like Marienkäfer -ladybugs - (good luck sign in Germany). The little green guy at the top is holding a sign that says "Funny every day!".Ridiculously cute! Not my style per se, but so cheery! Like somebody actually cares, let alone cleans their section of the stairs! SO much better than what normally greats us as we enter our current building, below. Our current view is just gross.
In a building with several apartments in Germany you'll either be paying collectively for somebody to clean the common stairs, or you take turns, or you just clean your section. None of this happens where we currently live and it's horrid. Since we're in the middle, cleaning is futile when filth like this is on the surrounding floors, so I try to sweep often. I'm looking forward to our new apartment, but also our new common areas, full of light, cleanliness, and cheer!

Yes, it's really hard to walk by these chocolates without wanting to pick one up! We've noticed Frau Tille changes the stair decor each month, so it'll be a while longer to resist temptation!


Karoliina said...

So funny. My mom brought us the exact same ladybug chocolates when she went to Switzerland this spring. (Looks great, but really wasn't the greatest of chocolates.)

Waterlilly said...

Oh, that is really cute! Each month you will be waiting to see what she does next for decorations! It reminds me of the place we stayed in Austria where the lady had fall decorations out front back in October! Love, MOM

Allison said...

We have friends that live in an old building and each windowsill is decorated with such cute things. It is not my style either, but I could imagine that it brings a smile to your face each time you climb the stairs, despite having to resist the temptation. Looks like your renovation is coming along nicely... now I am the one who owes you an e-mail.

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