Monday, June 8, 2009

Impasse: storage location and a POLL

On Friday my mother-in-law came over to help pack up our china and vintage glass. The rest of the weekend my husband and I packed up the linens, winter apparel, books, photos, and misc. kitchen things that were in the rest of the storage cupboards. Then we took the cupboards apart.
In Germany we don't get apartments with closets built in. You have to supply your own. So when you move, you have to empty the cupboards, take them apart, transport them, rebuild them, and then you can unpack now that you have a cupboard to put things in! A few good things here: 1) the new apartment is open for us to renovate and take stuff over. 2) the new apt is MUCH bigger, so walking around with long boards is easier than navigating around our current mini-apt. This makes assembling easier too. 3) With all the cardboard from the kitchen cabinets, we have padding for assembly in the new place.

However. Cabinets made from MDF are not light. And when each apartment has 3 sets of stairs, it's not fun. We both have aching muscles. I felt bad when Stefan had to shove off for a full day of work this morning and I got to camp on the couch for the morning! We are not looking forward to moving the clothing wardrobes!! But now I also have time to contemplate the impasse at which we arrived yesterday:
Our dining/living room is L-shaped. We were going to put a row of 3 storage units on the living room wall (above) and then one in the dining area that would hold the china. Like below (missing it's top).
Upon lining them up, we discovered we would have a huge wall of white cabinets, with only a bit of blue at the top. All the surrounding walls were white. We forgot how tall our storage pieces are! So what if we put 2 in the dining room leaving one without a tall top to accommodate the slant like below? It would work, but then we're worried about seating comfort in the dining room. The resulting narrow area is technically enough for the table and chairs, but it's tight. It actually doesn't get too much roomier if we only have one cabinet in the dining room.
Leaving only 2 in the living room at the far end to leaves us some blue wall and a spot for us to roll out the tv to, and/or put a small shelf or picture on the wall. (We rarely use our dvd-only television, so finding a tv spot isn't critical since it's on wheels and kept hidden.) Part of us thinks it looks weird to have the living room cabinets scrunched down towards the door of the room.
Last night we were too tired to make a decision and thought we'd better sleep on it. This morning I thought I'd throw it out to our readers and see what you think. Take the poll and let us know!


Spotted Sparrow said...

I can't decide! Hmm, you could put all the cabinets on the same wall and paint them to match. That way you can have the cabinets where you want them without losing the blue. That might sound better in theory than reality though...

juliette said...

it is tough. we can't paint the cabinets as they're a high gloss white and we don't want to even attempt it...and we've always liked the white cabinets... decisions decisions...

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