Friday, June 19, 2009

Awesome Neighbors

We're once again reeling from the thoughtfulness of our new neighbors. Tomorrow's the big, noisy move-in day and this afternoon we did a load of boxes to get a head start. Upon arrival we see they've cleared the common stairway of all their decorations, allowing us a wider path and no fear of trampling the chocolates. Then in front of our door we find a beautiful potted flower!
They were away for the weekend (smart, because I'm sure it'll be a loud weekend) and wanted to leave us a welcome gift. A lovely potted flower plant for our balcony and a nice card. Also included were 3 pages of information on the type of flower and it's care. Herr Tille had the florist fax information and instructions so we would have them for our reference. They are so thoughtful! I cannot believe what nice neighbors we have!!


Waterlilly said...

That is amazing! God has given you wonderful neightbors - sounds like a huge improvement over your current digs in so many respects.

love, MOM

Epp said...

Hi Juliette!
I wanted to drop by to say hello. Saw your insightful comment in Haus Maus the other day, and I'm so glad I found your blog. I resonate so much with your experiences fixing up a new place. We are currently going through the same thing, except that we decided to buy, and it's a city flat, probably considerably smaller than yours. The kitchen has been an utter odyssey, and it's not over yet! :-)

Greetings from not so far away, Frankfurt am Main, from another expat in Germany :-)


P.S You are really lucky to have such neighbors. Ours are also pretty reasonable. No chocolate ladybugs or orchids yet, though... :-D

travelingmama said...

What a blessing to have such neighbors! Maybe she will drop by with some delicious food next! Good luck with your move!

Spotted Sparrow said...

Are we living in the same country?!? Lucky you! ;-)

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