Monday, June 22, 2009

My old Danish apartment

Here are the pictures of our old Danish apartment.
It looks nearly the same as it did 18 years ago.
Run-down.We had the whole first floor and there was no greenhouse then.
Thankfully we got out of the apartment often because there were enough business trips around Europe that my dad would elect to drive to. Ha ha, and add his family to the carload! Tack on a few of the 30 days vacation he qualified for or one of the many holiday weekends, add in the Kroner my mother collected from the Danish government as a registered stay-at-home mother, and you had a nice family trip to somewhere in Europe with a few days of business in the middle. Worked for us!

1 comment :

travelingmama said...

Oh, yeah! I'm so glad you posted pictures! It doesn't look so run down, but I have been living in Morocco for a while! LOL!

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