Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's Blue

We painted the kitchen and the dining/living room today. It's very blue. We like it. Since the kitchen will be all white cabinets, etc and all our living room storage, tables, and lamps are white, it will look nice against the blue walls. Oddly enough the photos make the blue look the same as the blue we have now, but it's definitely darker and grayer - which we like! I particularly like how it plays against the wood tones in the apartment.

It does feel like a LOT of blue right now, but most of it will actually be covered up with cabinets and shelves.

We had fun painting today and sure enough, Herr Tille downstairs came up and rang the bell to see 'how we were'. We are total entertainment for these two! He was very interested in the fact that we were painting a color. Most older Germans just can't fathom painting walls anything other than white, so it's always a little fun to watch the shock factor. After three trips up to bring us little random things that might help us, he said he and his wife would like to invite us to Kaffeetrinken (afternoon tea) at 4pm if we were available. We said yes. Stefan was so impressed they invited us into their home - definitely NOT typical German behavior with new people!

It was a blast, they had two different kinds of homemade cake, even a Profeten cake "because Stefan studied Theology" - so sweet! They were all pleased that we came down and chatted for an hour over a pot of tea and treats. Stefan and I kept exchanging glances, like "Seriously, nice neighbors?!? Are we dreaming?!" Herr Tille has basically insisted on helping us build the kitchen in the next two weeks, which is awesome. He's pretty handy and has a whole workshop of tools in the basement. So this is great. He also said we should feel free to ask the landlord for new skylight windows after our first year there. Good tip. I can't believe how nice our neighbors are - they get a kick out of the 'kids upstairs', ha ha! We invited them up to see the paint job and they were so impressed that we invited them up. She hadn't been up there for years, since her elderly parents had lived up there. They really liked the blue, really. I doubt they would do such a thing, but they were visibly impressed with it, which was fun to see.

We're happy with it too. Tomorrow comes green. And a surprise in the little bedroom!


Waterlilly said...

I LOVE the blue! So glad you chose it. Now what is the surprise in the little room? I am waiting with bated breath....

Ingrid said...

oh this all looks really good!!! such fun colors! the bathroom is greeeen!! :-)

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