Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Color, take 2

We're going to buy paint today! So excited to get a move on again! I've decided to paint the kitchen the same as the living room/dining room - a dusty slate blue-gray. Looks like this, but more greenish, and a bit lighter.
It should really make the wood ceilings in the LR/DR light up since they have so much yellow to them. I like the idea of it in the kitchen too to keep a color flow going between the two rooms. It'll look nice with the new floor in the kitchen. All the oranges were just making the new floor too orangey or something for my taste.

We're painting our new bedroom the same as our old bedroom. We just like it too much to leave it. There should be enough extra paint to do the little toilet half bath - hey, how about I just say powder room? No. Nobody really powders in there and it'll just confuse the Germans. I just hate saying TOILET all the time. icky to my American ears. Our current toilet room has a yellow Post-It on the door that says WC. That's to help guests know which door of the 7 in the front hall leads to the toilet.
I have no idea what to do in the little bedroom. My desk will go in there. A twin futon bed will eventually go in there. The floor is hideous and I can use either one of the round red rugs in there, or my small green rug from our current bedroom. Neither of which are really large or appropriate for the floor size or my rolling desk chair. One suggestion is to go as eclectic as I want in there since it will be primarily my space. Not that I now have ideas.

I do know this apartment will have a spray painted chandelier. I've wanted one for a while now. We'll need to buy a couple more overhead lighting options for a few spots in the new apartment and there's a shop in town that has 14 euro chandeliers, so that's my plan and I'm sticking to it. It'll either hang in the little bedroom or over the kitchen eating nook.
Other color yet to be infused is also related to the kitchen table. It's nothing fancy, but it's there. The chairs are less than thrilling and they're plastic, but sturdy. I really want to make some cute little short-skirted slipcovers to perk them up a bit. I think something with a lot of yellow in it. Look over to the right and you'll see my Etsy favorites. I'm collecting some fabric inspiration over there. First step would be, ahem, getting a sewing machine...


Karoliina said...

We chose a color for our bedroom yesterday, and tomorrow John & Rebekka are painting. I also bought the most expensive curtains (or rather, the fabric for the curtains) in my life. I'll post a picture when we are ready. This weekend we'll start shopping for furniture. I pray we'll avoid Ikea. I did find an awesome rocking chair at a recycling center for 40 e. It just needs to be taken to a professional to "fix it" - new fabric, sanding, paint - which I'm sure will cost at least three times the 40 e price tag.

Karoliina said...

Here's the curtains:

juliette said...

you'll need to post some before/afters! btw- that curtain fabric is SO you guys, I bet they look awesome.

I hear you on avoiding Ikea. I WISH we could, it's just appalling how expensive every other option is! This is why I really want a sewing machine so I can get some non-Ikea pattern going to detract from the Ikea stuff some.

I'm also going to try really hard to find good flea markets this summer to get some filler furniture we need for the bigger space. Most fea markets here are just junk and pirated DVDs though. Seems like you have to drive across the border to France or the Netherlands to get any good furniture. Poop. (or pay a fortune at auction houses here)

Anonymous said...

I love the blue paint color! Could you let us know the name?

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