Friday, May 22, 2009

Green and grapefruit

So we painted the bedroom the same green as what we currently have. It's looking minty here, but it's the same shade as what we currently have in real life. Since we painted the slant, we ran out of paint doing the bathroom. We basically wish we hadn't painted the slant. But it's too much work to paint it white again. At least right now. So it's staying green.

So we drove across town to Obi again for more green paint to finish the bathroom, since it was only two-thirds finished. So annoying. The bathroom is really green in these pictures. It's not so strong in real life.

Then we did the little bedroom. We decided to be crazy and picked the color 'grapefruit'. I got creative while waiting for Stefan to finish with the large roller.

Then came grapefruit. Which looks more orange than it's true yellow base in this picture. We're still not sure how we're feeling about this. Of course we ran out of paint here too, which is why it looks like this.
Tomorrow morning we'll have to do another trip to Obi before returning to finish the job. Annoying. Then I'll be doing touch-ups all day with the tiny brush and mini-roller. I keep telling Stefan that most of our walls will be covered in closets and cupboards. In the grapefruit room we'll be doing all white everything, except for my desk.

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