Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Patterned Calendar Pages (Freebie)

So I know we're nearly 6 months into 2013, but I love the patterns on this free printable 2013 calendar from the lovely Toffee magazine and thought I'd share. You could use the pattern portions of the previous months for crafting or journaling.


Liz(a) said...

Those are cute! I fail with using calendars, unfortunately. Mine still say February... that's the date I finally got around to putting them up. :x

Robyn said...

Hey Juliette....

not sure if you remember me...my name is Robyn and we went to Gordon together. :) I found your blog through Mandi's blog.

soo....hi! hi! HI!

I LOVE your blog! It's so lovely!

if you want to see mine, it's here:

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