Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Paper Wind Ornaments

I'd had a stack of translucent polka dots on my desk for weeks before I had any idea what to do with them. I thought it might be fun to make some paper ball ornaments, sort of like these, but wasn't totally sold on the idea. The neon pink grosgrain ribbon on my shelf was another I-should-use-this-but-how item. Then came glitter, of course. Glitter always seems like a good idea until you touch it. I only wanted to apply the thinnest of lines along the edges, but of course it's impossible to do this without creating a situation where you find glitter months later, in the carpet, out in the car, in the laundry. Yeah. I love/hate glitter.
Anyhow, I made these little wind ornaments as I was thinking about the Christian holiday of Pentecost. They seemed fitting. I've given most of them away, but I still have a couple blowing around. And by 'blowing around' I literally mean blowing around. The windy weather has been insane lately. This is probably another reason I keep finding glitter in random places. But considering Pentecost, perhaps this is also fitting.

What about you? Any supplies you've been wanting to use but still need the right inspiration?


Robyn said...

I love these!!

Anya Jensen said...

Hi Juliette, these are cute, and you're so right about glitter. I love it (more importantly my girls love it) I don't love it when they're done loving ha ha :))
Fun though right - and that's allowed.
Have a great day, hope the sun shines in Germany,

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