Friday, March 8, 2013

Sewn: Toddler Apron

A long time ago I made a little apron for my eldest niece. It was ridiculously too big at the time, but she wore it proudly nonetheless. She still loves it so much that she refuses to let her little sister even try it on. I didn't want a repeat offense size-wise, so I had to convince big sister that I'd make the little one her own apron, but only if she could try on the too-big one so I could get a clue on sizing. That actually worked, phew.

Little sister loves her stuffed orange fish, Fishy, and the apron was supposed to reflect this (the fact that Fishy was recently seen on the play kitchen's cutting board about to undergo the toy knife is besides the point). Thankfully I had some pink Jumping Fish fabric from Tula Pink on hand.
I wanted to make it as similar to big sister's apron as possible: reversible, with a ruffle at the bottom, and a large pocket on one side with applique. It was fun to have fish 'diving into' her pocket. I showed it to her via Skype and her little 2yr-old face lit up at the sight of the fish, so here's hoping she's just as happy when it arrives in the mail!

I really tried to use up fabric I already had on hand, and I succeeded. As I look at these close up shots of some of the seams, I'm again reminded of my desire to have a better sewing machine. Try as I might, I just can't get nice straight seams. The machine's just a tad too wiggly and jumpy. Still, it works for what I do and projects for kids don't need to be perfect, thankfully!


Ingrid & Chris said...

LOVE IT!!!!!! Great job for fishie!

Juliette said...

Yay! I know, I'm SO glad I had that fish fabric! I can't wait to see it on her!!

Allison said...

this turned out super sweet... gotta love Tula, oder?

Juliette said...

Yes, I love Tula and the cleverness of her designs!

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