Saturday, March 2, 2013

Little Tangents: Getting Healthy

Photo and recipe from A Beautiful Mess.

I've been making good progress on being healthier this year and am rather pleased with how little choices seem to be adding up. Drastic has never worked well for me, so continually making adjustments I can own -and live with- is the key. Of course, the rampant horse meat scandal has also helped in the efforts to cut back on the amount of meat we eat, ha ha! You know it's bad when they find it in Ikea's meatballs! Anyhow, here's a short list of what's been keeping me inspired lately:
  1.  I've started doing a workout-at-home routine using this amazing site's extensive library of free, full-length workout videos.
  2.  These ads made me laugh out loud and feel uncomfortable at the same time. What does this say about hygiene? What does this say about marketing? I wonder.
  3. I've been enjoying listening to this album (ok, not health-related per se, but still...).
  4. Cooking healthy meals with 5 ingredients in 10 minutes sounds like a good idea to me.
  5. That said, I've been enjoying using cubes of frozen spinach in my smoothies lately; try this green smoothie recipe.
  6. And don't forget the joy that is this recipe.
Doing anything special this weekend? I'm finishing up a little apron for my niece!

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