Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Thrifting Abroad: Sun Spot

We were in Switzerland for part of our winter holidays. While there I had the chance to visit a local thrift shop with a friend (hi Nadine!). This was a really fun stop for me as I find it really interesting to note the difference between a Swiss thrift shop and an American one (why are these so hard to find in Germany people?!??). Like the photo at the top...any ideas on what you see? Yep, tons of fondue forks. Of course you'll see a huge crate of fondue forks in a Swiss thrift shop, alongside shelves of fondue and raclette sets circa 1963, racks of skis, a myriad of winter sporting medals, and somebody's framed law degree from 1834 (because why not?). There was even a painted wooden wardrobe that looked like it came out of Heidi's very own Swiss chalet. It was bliss I tell you!

I came home with a few things, one very cool white metal paper display rack which somehow went MIA on the trip home, sob. It was pretty large, so I have no idea how it got lost. Anyhow. One of the things I picked up was an orange plate. I thought it would be a sunny spot of color in my office and a nice place to display things. Right now it has some shells and shark's teeth found on our coastal wanderings in the US last summer. It makes me smile.

Have you ever been to a foreign thrift shop or flea market while traveling? What did you notice?


Mareike said...

You do know that there is a great thrift store just few minutes drive away from your house in Cappel (yes, I'm from MR, too). I love to go there - they have great stuff and the people are really nice - it's called Auktionshaus Hahn and it's next to the Vita Fitness Centre.

Juliette said...

@Mareike, no, I totally didn't know that! And I actually went to Vita for the longest did I not know this?! Good grief...I'll be checking that out asap! Thanks! =)

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