Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Swedish Prince + Pink Love

Back in 2010 we visited Sweden and I loved this 'How to become a Swedish prince' postcard honoring the commoner who married the princess that year. The story, the graphics, the general fun the country seemed to have over it all, etc. made the card a fun little souvenir. Of course the Swedes had to celebrate the story with great design!

I made a few valentines for friends and family this year and had fun with it. Maybe they're not as great in the design department as the Swedes, but fun nonetheless! What about you? Any handmade goodness going out to the people you cherish? We made heart-shaped waffles today and I've been busy stitching up some cuteness for my 2 and 4 year old valentines (nieces) across the pond. They were so tickled when I allowed them a tiny sneak peek on Skype. I'd ordered a couple of decorative patches online, a big owl for the eldest and a little matrysohka doll for little sister.

I just realized I don't have clear thread and am a bit stumped about attaching the patches. They're iron-on, but I hear that doesn't always stick for good. I'm also attaching them to something fleece and I'm worried about melting the fleece...anybody have any tips or ideas on how to attach a patch to fleece?


Monica said...

Oh I loved that wedding! I still remember the resounding "Ja" she gave. Happy Valentine's Day Juliette!

Kelly said...

What a cute postcard! I don't have any good tips for the patches -- I remember my mom ironing on patches for me as a kid, and yes, sometimes they peeled off -- but usually after a lot of love and abuse. Good luck! I made some chocolate mousse for my valentine + then called it a day. ;-)

likeschocolate said...

I love the gold/pink combination!

Anya Jensen said...

Loads of the Scandinavian Royals have married 'commoners' . In Denmark our 2 princes have had 3 marriages between them 2 common girls (and foreign ha ha doesn't say much for danish girls right) And also in Norway. I loved the swedish wedding too, she was so happy - bless. Happy day sweet Juliette - hope it's warmer where you are,

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