Friday, October 5, 2012

Standing on Top of the World

Inspired by the treasury I made before our England trip, I decided to see if I could capture my own 'top of the world' photo when riding the London Eye. I give credit for this cool photo idea to Blue Ridge Photography, where I first saw it. I suppose I could buy the picture online, but since I was going to go there myself I wanted to see if I could snag my own version. I'm pretty pleased to say I did; I was even able to get the pod right on the horizon line like I'd wanted, despite being surrounded by hyper school kids, ha ha. We'll be printing this one out to add to our living room gallery wall (I should really post an updated version of this). It's fun to be able to decorate your home with your own 'art' photos!

My husband was in another pod with the other half our group and we were able to get some fun shots of each other and all the kids. I was just in awe of the engineering and design of the London Eye...what a feat! You really can see everything from up there. It reminded me of the time my sister and I went to the top of the World Trade Center in NYC so many years ago. It's amazing what a new perspective can show you.

Anybody else been on the London Eye? I think it's well worth the price, but if you're in a rush you may want to pre-book your tickets just in case. Also, I have a moderate fear of heights and ladders, etc, but this didn't phase me one bit. It's very smooth and safe-feeling!


Traveling Mama said...

We loved it too! And I think it's way better to snap your very own photo than to buy someone else's!

Tracey said...

Um, I'd pretty much be freaking out up there! But very cool photo!

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