Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Healthy snack ideas?

We ate quite a few prezels (Brezeln) during our time in Berlin. There's really nothing like a fresh prezel! In fact, on another trip I may try this or this shop for fun. But there's only so many of those one can (ahem, should) eat. Lots of good stuff is coming into season here in the Northern Hemisphere, but I find myself getting bored with the simple chopped fruits and veggies I normally rely on for 'healthy snacks'. I'm looking for some new ideas for dips or snacks, so please stop by the comments section and share your healthy favorites; maybe we can all pick up something new!


Allison said...

A favorite of mine is peanut butter and celery... nothing new, but tasty all the same.

I have to say that these days all I am craving is ice cream. Luckily the weather has been warm enough to make it taste even better.

likeschocolate said...

On our way to Luisenpark today we stopped for hot pretzels, and boys were they good. So much softer than just getting them at the bakery.

Juliette said...

Allison, I hear you on the ice cream! We received a big bag of walnuts from a neighbor recently, so I've been working through those. We're also big on tzatziki and fresh veggies for dinner. I need to go back to my PB and celery days though!

Monica said...

I like peanut butter with apple. At the moment I am all about strawberries. The fields are in full swing around here and we eat them everyday. I like to add them to plain yogurt with a few spoons of Müsli.
Before I forget, the Brot Beutel did not work that well for the Brötchen. I usually pop them on the toaster or in the oven for a few minutes. The Beutel is great for bread though. Hence the name, I guess. :)

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