Saturday, March 3, 2012

Controlled Cord Chaos

We have a socket in our kitchen that has to service four different appliances, though not all at the same time. One cord is white and is rarely used, but three black cords are always getting used and for the life of me, I can never remember which plug goes to which appliance. This has caused more than one unhappy incident.

I decided to get things under control by labeling the cords with some washi tape. Gray tape went on the gray microwave's cord; red tape went on the red hot water cooker's cord; the black coffee maker cord was left plain. Easy. Cute to boot!

Do you know what's weird (to me)? Our dryer has to stay in our pantry where there's no electrical socket, so when we use it we have to grab the cord and plug it in at one end of our kitchen counter. This home definitely has a few quirks. Any quirks in your house?


Monica said...

What a cute idea! I always loved the Martha Stewart idea to use bread bag ties, but those are not used in Germany... This is so much better though. We don't have any real quirks here, but in our apartment in Brooklyn we couldn't use the iron when the air conditioner was on. If we did, the electrical would blow out on two floors. The "wiring" was totally overloaded and outdated.

Anonymous said...

This is a great idea. The washi tape is so cute.
Our house is full of weird quirks - like the water pipes running across the middle of a window. The outlet for the washing machine and dryer are at opposite ends of the room, but the vent for the dryer is not close to either the dryer or the washer. There are many other little things that we're trying to get used to. Great to hear about your project.

Kelly said...

Love this! (I am always looking for more excuses to buy washi tape.) Our new apartment has so many quirks -- it's driving me bonkers! I have decided that the architect was extremely tall and did not care that short women would not be able to get anything out of the pantry.

Tracey said...

First of all, this is a great idea. You should see the chord tangle underneath my computer desk.
Second of all, I never got the hype over that tape stuff. I'm glad, bc I think I would be obsessive over it if I liked it. But now that I see it on your chords I kind now want some. Shoot.

Juliette said...

Thanks everybody! Quirks can either be endearing or just plain annoying!

@Tracey: totally go get some and get hooked! S. had put a bunch in the Advent calendar he made for me, otherwise I probably still wouldn't have any, ha!

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