Friday, February 24, 2012

Write it down

There's something to be said for blogging, and there's also something to be said for writing it down with good old fashioned pen and paper. Katie's running a journaling challenge this week on her Facebook page and invites people to share a page from their journals. I've been enjoying the She. 1.1 journal and created this page for the start of Lent; you might recognize those lyrics. I took some scraps of things I had scattered around my desk and stuck them right to one of the pages of pretty paper that's clips out of the journal.

I used to journal a lot, but it really tapered off when I started blogging. It's been nice to rediscover it as I find some things are better expressed without a computer. =) Sometimes I wanted to journal, but didn't know just how to start up again, anybody else have this problem? Katie's journals are loaded with prompts, which is great for people like me. What about you? Do you journal?


Lizzie said...

Hello, I've been reading your blog - lots of posts! I started with one of your "moving house" posts from 2009 - because there was a link to it at the bottom of this post. Then I was curious to see how you got on with those huge cupboards and re-arranging your stuff to suit your new home... then I liked the posts about your new sewing machine and the fabric market... then there was the Berlin Wall post... and what you did at Christmas time... and your trip home to the USA... and I have just been looking through your BYW class posts. I had your blog on my subscribed list, but haven't been here for ages. Glad I came back!
BTW, I don't know if you want to add a moderator for comments on old posts (I have this set up for posts older than 1 week). You've been getting spam comments -
Also, it means you would know if someone (like me - hi!) read some old posts and added a comment. Just sayin'!
Love your blog. I'll be back!

Lizzie said...

Ooh, sorry, how rude... I meant to say that I like your Journal challenge project. The colours are great - so cheery and looking-forward-to-Easter-timey!
And I did come here the other day, to look at your Washi Clothes-pin project.. that's why I came back again!

Allison said...

Even though I really enjoy writing, I somehow have never really kept a journal. I'm usually too busy and forget to keep up with it. I find that there are normally several months between each entry, and then I think, why in the world am I doing this. I guess I consider my blog to be the most "kept-up" journal that I have ever had, thus why my blog posts seem to be so wordy and long. Hmmm... just can't seem to keep it short.

GBR said...

I agree-nothing beats a pen and paper. Beautiful notebooks are one of the splurges I allow myself. Plus, I've been reading about how the light from computer screens is like caffeine before bedtime. Thanks for your post.

jane said...

i´m still in the how to start agin stage. :) i´m going to check out katie´s page. thanks!

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