Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope there's something about today that makes you smile, no matter your relationship status. The other day I saw that Katie was going to send her grandmother lottery tickets for Valentine's Day, ha ha! I think that's awesome; Valentine's Day doesn't have to be all sappy romance.

We recently acquired a heart shaped photo holder that has since found its home in our kitchen. It's a nice way to brighten our walls and free up some of the space on our tiny refrigerator doors. Of course, the majority of the photos seem to be of my adorable nieces -surprise surprise- but it's also turned into a fun spot for postcards and other little memorabilia.

Are you doing anything special today? I made a little heart-shaped chocolate cake last night, but the frosting turned wonky (although it still tastes good!), so yeah, no need to gross you out with a photo, ha ha!

PS - How cute is this little Valentine's video from Etsy??


Carolyn said...

Ok, you just inspired me to make something special (dessert) tonight since we aren't going out. cute nieces!

likeschocolate said...

Oh, your babies are beautiful! Happy Valentines Day from the other side of the atlantic. Hopefully, it is just a little bit warmer this week in Germany.

Kelly said...

Happy (belated) Valentine's Day! We are planning to celebrate tomorrow with some homemade desserts, too. I always want Valentine's Day to be awesome and then, when it shows up, I find I have zero energy for it! What is up with that?

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