Friday, February 10, 2012

Brigitte and Bloggers

The German women's magazine, Brigitte, is running an interesting "Kreativ-Blog Award" contest this year. I do feel like these things can easily turn into popularity contests, especially given that bigger blogs have more readers and thereby get more votes, BUT I also think these can be great opportunities to see what else is out there, find some new blogs to read, and maybe even pick up a few new readers.

There are currently about 300 blogs listed and it's fun to see all the different crafty/DIY blogs from around Germany. If you're curious to see what's hot in German creative circles, this is a quick way to take a peek. Lots of felt, crochet and paper crafting. There's a fair amount of sewing, and party decor ala Amy Atlas is also really catching on over here. 

I also often feel that blogging in Germany is still in its babyhood, and I believe it shows in a variety of ways. However, I think its fabulous that a major women's magazine continues to reach out to bloggers. That's so huge. It feels like a very win-win sort of situation.

You can click on a blog's profile, see 6 photos from the blog, and read a series of short questions answered by the blogger. I took the leap and wrote in German, but definitely had my husband polish it up before I hit 'submit', ha! I neeeever get my der/die/das and akkusitiv/dativ correct, never! You can see my blog's profile here; if you want to click 'Ich mag dieses Blog' (I like this blog), the number in the little heart will go up. Apparently you can click once every day from the same computer (further adding to my wondering at how this thing is really tallied). The jury will pick 3 blogs each month to highlight and at the end of the year will award 3 prizes; the grand prize winner gets to style a DIY insert for Brigitte. Pretty much everything is in German, but you can read more about it in English here.

It's funny, I made a little 'vote for me' button and put it up on the sidebar, but then I took it down because I didn't want to get caught up in the whole 'how many people clicked on my blog' thing. As I was looking at other postings I realized 2 things: 1) I really like my blog and want to keep blogging and improving it and 2) There are a lot of cool German blogs out there! So head on over and see some other Kreativ Blogs!


Tanja @ Postmodern Hostess said...

I voted for you! :-) I admire that you're doing your best not to get caught up. When I entered the Apartment Therapy Small Cool contest, it was really engrossing to see how many likes I got, and how that stacked up to others (not well enough, it turned out!).

Eulensternchen said...

Hast Du toll gesagt...ich machauch mit und ha das auf meinem blog gar nicht erwähnt. Ich hatte auch dieselben Bedenken wie du...von wegen große Blogs, mehr Leser, mehr Stimmen usw...aber dann dachte ich, ach was, zumindest kannst du trotzdem zeigen, was du kannst, so oder so ;)

Eulensternchen said...

Meine Güte, man sollte seinen Kommentar-Text wirklich auf Schreibfehler hin untersuchen, bevor man auf "Veröffentlichen" klickt *lach*

Allison said...

I gave you a "like" vote... this sounds really interesting. When I get the chance, I'm going to spend a little time flipping through some of the other blogs.

Katrin Klink said...

Hello Juliette,

I was too late for voting, but I share the same thoughts you have about the German blogger scene. And I'm not sure whether I'm happy about a Brigitte contest. I dream of other ways to connect and to share. And DIY posts are fine, but in a very German way zweckorientiert. (Funny that there doesn't seem a proper English translation for this word).
There are so many things that are worthwhile to blog about. I wished Brigitte at least would have come out with different categories. Thus, I officially nominate your blog for one of my favourite categories: honesty.

Have a nice weekend,

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