Friday, October 7, 2011

Amy Butler + David Butler = Design Power Couple

I've talked about how fabulous Amy Butler is when I met her earlier this year, but now her husband, David Butler, is going to take center stage on this blog for a moment. David Butler has launched his own brand, Parson Gray, and along with that came a fabric line. Yes, he created his own fabric line and it's called 'Curious Nature'. As if being a musician, graphic designer and photographer wasn't enough.

He doesn't have a website up yet, but his Parson Gray facebook page is fully loaded with information, photos, and links. You can check out the fabric line there and watch for updates.

Honestly, as U2 is my favorite band, then the Butler duo is going to be my favorite design couple. Goodness. So much creativity. Speaking of which, his band, The Black Owls, are offering a free song download.

What do you think about David Butler's 'Curious Nature' line? Do you think you would use it? I totally see it filling a need for cool guy-friendly fabrics.


Monica said...

I like the Cocoons pattern the most and love the colors.

Allison said...

There are some designs in this collection that I think are particularly strong. I could imagine some really cool projects with them, especailly for guys.

StarletStarlet said...

what a power couple! I think my hubz is going to love some of these awesome designs.

fiona said...

It's a very masculine collection. Although there are a few in there which combined with other fabrics could look quite feminine too. I think it's fabulous! Talented guy!

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