Saturday, August 6, 2011

High 5: links to check out this weekend

I thought I'd share a few things that caught my eye this week:

1) How to use washi tape strips on Piknik (not how I do it, but maybe helpful for those without a photo editing program).
2) 7 Surprising Uses for Baking Soda
3) "It's gettin' real in the Whole Foods parking lot" cracked me up!
4) My mom sent me this link somehow and even though it's a year old, it makes me go *sniff* b/c it's a post about where I used to live.
5) One day when I'm super skinny I'll indulge in these ricotta and honey butter bites; for now I'll just drool.

*Like my little back-to-school style logo for this post? School starts here on Monday. German summer vacations are only 6 weeks long!

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Sewandthecity said...

Nice links! Thanks for sharing!

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