Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Balcony privacy screen: the green update

I started with seedlings in eggshells and then they grew; so I created a simple, framed balcony privacy screen while I waited for the seedlings to grow. Then our area of Germany had the coldest, rainiest, most overcast summer ever. Depression. Slow growth. Things did grow...but aside from a couple of mini flowers, nothing bloomed except our morning glories and sweet peas.
I thought I would post a picture of our green privacy screen update in its heyday. Admittedly it's not looking too bad, but mainly because you can't see how nappy the rest of the balcony is. This wasn't really how I envisioned it to take off, but I'm happy the sweet peas offer little punches of color. See how they decided to grow off the edge of the screen? Poor little guys were always reaching for the barely-there light!

Next year I'm planning on filling our boxes and containers with things that will do well in the shade. I think I overestimated and went for partial-shade plants. It's just too pathetic to see a balcony that looks like it's totally overgrown with weeds when it's really full of plants that just aren't getting enough sun to ever bloom. (I'm sure there's a life analogy in there somewhere...)

How did your garden grow this year? Any favorite shade loving plants you might recommend for next year? I'd love some ideas!

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Monica said...

This year was such a weird gardening year. Early warm temperatures, weeks and weeks of no rain, cold weather in July and now constant heavy rain. :(
Hostas and hydrangeas do really well in pots and are perfect for shade.

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