Monday, April 4, 2011

Something yellow, something spring

A few bits of spring cheer in the form of daffodil-shaped candlesticks. Another Depot find for 2 Euro. Can't go wrong for 2 Euro, can you?

Fun fact: Daffodil auf Deutsch = Osterglöcken, which if you were to literally translate that back into English = Easter bells. How sweet is that??


Allison said...

So, so sweet! I have something similar that is a vintage metal flower candle holder. I may have even beat you on the price though... gotta love (and miss) yard sales!

Can't seem to find these on the website... are they listed?

Juliette said...

You know, I couldn't find them on the website when I created the post, so maybe not?? We don't have a huge Depot store here (think Schlecker-sized), but I've noticed that the web/physical store don't always feature the same stuff at the same time...also, my store only has small quantities of anything that's not 'standard' (like Easter/spring-specific stuff). You probably have a choice of large Depots near you, so I'd just head to a brick and mortar store and cross my fingers! =)

Juliette said...

and yeah, totally miss the yard sales! *sniff*

Müllerin Art said...

Und bei uns blüht der ganze Garten gelb! Es gibt auch ganz unterschiedliche Sorten Osterglöckchen, die kleinen, die auf unserem Tisch stehen, duften auch so süß!
Liebe Grüße

dunja said...

....gelb ist ja diese saison auch mein thema....der blütenkerzenständer macht gleich sonnige laune und osterglöckchen sind wirklich zu schön! liebe grüße, dunja

Anonymous said...

yellow has permeated the blogosphere -- these are darling photos!

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