Friday, April 1, 2011

Pillow success! (but curtain distress)

I made some happy little pillow covers and am thrilled to share the results. I was especially pleased with my pieced rectangle cover! I also hemmed a TON of curtain panels, so it was nice when the recipient called me today to say he was grateful and so impressed with all the work, phew!

The pillows are made from some cute Ikea fabric and leftover curtain remnants. The brown velvet curtains were great to work with...the stupid sheers...not so much.

You get what you pay for at Ikea, and the cheapy Wilma sheers are no exception. They made my life miserable for several days...cutting straight (when they weren't even straight to begin with!) and sewing such thin stuff...ugh, so glad it's over! (like our rockin' 70's stone floors? ha!)

I have to say the frustration with the sheers made me a little nervous to work with thin and slippery fabrics, anybody have any tips? I bought some rayon-ish stuff to attempt a clothing item and now I'm nervous I'll wreck the fabric!


Monica said...

Love, love your new pillows. The fabric is great. Still thinking of your egg seedlings. How are they doing? I was thinking of doing the same with some wheat grass seeds or something else that would sprout fast.

Juliette said...

Hey Monica! Thanks for the compliments! =) The seedlings are doing well, I'm kind of shocked, ha ha! I am not the one with the green thumb in this house, but a couple are already sending up little shoots. I did a wildflower mix and I can't wait to see how they turn out! (I'm so scared I'm watering them too much!)

Kelly said...

The pillows turned out great! Ikea really has some awesome fabrics. The only tip I've heard for slippery fabrics is that you can sandwich it between layers of tissue paper when cutting -- but I think that's more for cutting out curved pattern pieces than straight lines. Did you use a rotary cutter?

Juliette said...

I didn't use a rotary cutter this time b/c the fabric was just so wide and awkward. My trouble is with actually sewing thin and slippery stuff. Good tip about the cutting though!

Allison said...

Rotary cutting has revolutionized how I sew. Actually, believe it or not, I always say that cutting has a lot to do with sewing, sometimes more than the sewing itself. If you take the time to cut right, then the sewing part is not as hard.

Hmmmm... slippery fabric. Cotton is usually my medium of choice. Googled it and found the following:

It looks like washing, cutting, and interfacing are all pretty important. Good luck... can't wait to see the results!

Carolyn said...

Lovely pillows! I wish I had a sewing machine...and knew how! Your 'stupid curtains' title cracks me up. I can imagine those aren't so wondey to deal with.

Tracey said...

I am always inspired by your craftiness and willingness to try and do anything in the crafty realm. I on the otherhand, am super crafty but if the process takes too long I grow bored! Hence, I would have thrown those sheers out the window!
But I LOVE those pillows! I would just come over and hire you to make mine. :)

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