Tuesday, February 22, 2011

DIY ideas on Pinterest

So I've totally gotten sucked into the Pinterest world! So many great ideas and such an easy way to catalog them (picture is captured along with an active link to the page you pinned it from)!

It's been interesting to note trends in what I pin...clearly I have some color fetishes like my yellow board:


I'm also noticing trends in what clothes I pin...I could actually prioritize future purchases (looks like I really want a white tunic and more red clothing):


Patterns, patterns, patterns! I love them! I've been pinning a ton of chevron things...maybe I should try a little chevron project..maybe like Monica's rug?


But my "DIY Ideas" board is the biggest! Here are a few of the things I'm 'pinning' to try at a later date:


Do you "pin", online or otherwise? Do you notice trends in your image collections? I have another board where I wanted to put all red and blue images, but as I look at it, I notice that it's really heavy on blue. While you could say it has to do with the amount of blue vs. red images out there, I tend to think the bottom line is that my eye likes blue more than red. When asked, "What's your favorite color?", I've always said "It's a tie between blue and red"...but it looks like I really like blue best!

Are you on Pinterest? Follow me! Need an invite? Let me know!


Allison said...

Looks like so much fun, but something that would totally suck my time away.

The yellow photo, top right looks amazing... do you have the link for that? From your chevron board, I really like the top second picture in... looks so Art Nouveau!

Juliette said...

oddly the link attached to this pin is telling me that blog no longer exists or something (something weird in German, lol)

and yeah, it can be a total time suck, so it's yay for my kitchen timer! =P

Sina said...

Das sieht wirklich alles superschön aus, aber ich muss Allison zustimmen: da würde ich auch viel zuviel Zeit verbringen. Es sieht allerdings sehr verlockend aus... Die "Paper" tin can planters sind ganz toll.

C N Heidelberg said...

I love your patterns board. I'm torn on whether to get an invite to Pinterest...it looks fun...but do I really need another online addiction? Hmm...

frauheuberg said...

hej...i love pinterest so much...its a wonderful world...full of inspirations and you are so inspired by every little click...;)...go and try it out and you couldn´t resist it...sure...thanks for sharing your lovley boards...great finds...have a lovley creative week, my dear...;)...cheers and hugs...i...

Carolyn said...

I obviously went through pinterest last week and was loving my life but am not a member. your boards are great! i always read it in my mind as pin interest and i can't stop it. i'm gonna find pattern inspy there too!

Monica said...

Love that chevron marble tile! Perfect for a floor-level shower. Thanks for the mention!

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