Tuesday, February 8, 2011

3 German Bloggers Craft it Forward

Well it's been pretty exciting to see Allison's idea take off and see who's been signing up to Craft it Forward 2011! I'm honestly pretty shocked to see how it's thriving so much (I can tell b/c of incoming links on my blog stats)! The other big surprise to me is that it seems to be mostly Germans who are doing this! This is pretty cool because I've found myself reading through blogs auf Deutsch and flexing my Deutsch skillz!

Can you read German? If not, grab a Google Translator button and check out these 3 German-language craft blogs (and their DaWanda shops) I found via the Craft it Forward 2011 net that might interest you:

Und noch mal auf Deutsch...ha! ich versuche!... Hier sind 3 Deutsche kreativ-blogs die ich gefunden (durch das Craft-it-Forward 2011 Aktion) haben...vielleicht findet ihr auch was interessantes? ...pssst!...die allen haben auch DaWanda Laden!

Kleine Fluchten and her shop on DaWanda


Apfelb├Ąckchen Magazin and her shop on DaWanda


Eva's Werk and her shop on DaWanda


What about you? Do you read any of these? How do you feel about reading blogs via a translator?


Monica said...

Lovely shops! Haven't had much success with my Craft it Forward. I think I need to start an advertising campaign.

Ulrikes-Smaating said...

I´m german and we´re living in Denmark. I´m reading american, italian, spanish blogs, too :-) sometimes is it a little bit funny with translator. My english is not so good, because I´m blanding many words with danish.And my english lessons are many years ago (27 years :-) ). Your blog is very interesting and I´m reading these blogs. I have a little shop at DaWanda and a new blog. Maybe kan you look in and win something really good...

Greatings from Denamrk

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