Sunday, January 9, 2011

Crafty Christmas Recap

Just a quickie Christmas post before it gets too late! I thought I'd share our tree (our 2nd one in 6 Christmases spent together, yay international marriages and dual-continent families!) sporting my handmade tree skirt (tute coming up) and some gorgeous handmade ornaments from the famous German shop, Käthe Wolfhart.

tree collage WEB

Shout out to Carolyn for emailing me this pom-pom wreath - she remembered my pom love! However, I ran out of time for that and went with something faster. I had a piece of greenery and just hung that on our apartment door, added a few big-n-fluffy poms and tied a string of this adorable printable Christmas garland across the middle (we still have the Valentine's ones hanging up in our kitchen, like a year later, how lame are we?!?). I put the rest of them in our blank-walled half bath. Not my dream welcome wreath, but worked in the middle of the holiday rush!

creative Christmas collage WEB

No fear for the lack of pom-poms though: I wrapped all our presents in plain brown packing paper (pack papier = günstig!) and yarn. I made use of my free printable tag links and went to town on dolling up the prezzies. So fun! Using fat yarn this time made making pom-poms go extra fast, so that was great! I wish I had better pictures, but alas, this is what remains.

So we had a fun white Christmas - and got to enjoy that special glow you can only get when your white outdoor lights shimmer from under a layer of snow out on the balcony!


Monica said...

What a pretty tree! I love using packing paper year round as gift wrap. The gift tags and the pom poms you used are such a great touch.

Carolyn said...

It all looks GREAT, Juliette. Love your wreath, tree and prezzies! And I love that you called a tutorial a 'tute'! Love the little tape you used on presents. All so fun. We had NOTHING. So sad.

Juliette said...

Carolyn, I feel your pain: been there! =( Just think how great next year will be, no matter what you do! =P

The tape is from my awesome mother who remembered months ago when I said something about Martha Stewart having cute Christmas tape; apparently my mom went to several stores to find some and then squeezed it into our Christmas box (arriving the day before I had to do all my own wrapping)! Yay mom!

Laura said...

Love that cute little house ornament!

We also quite enjoyed the very white christmas, but glad it has melted now.....

Laura in Ludwigsburg

Kelly said...

Looks and sounds SO, SO beautiful. I can't wait to hear more about your tree skirt.

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