Monday, November 15, 2010

Fall fireworks: pom pom flowers DIY

This past weekend a huge storm came through and nearly finished off the last of the lingering fall leaves. Big storms really are like fall's death knell, aren't they?

I was determined to hold on to a fall for a few more days and used some scrap yarn to make a few pom pom flowers in fall colors. In addition to the felt candle holder, I gave one little bouquet as a hostess gift before making additional bouquets for myself and a friend. These are super fast to make!

fireworks 2 web

I used this tutorial to make my pom pom flowers, but if you have a pom pom maker you probably already know what to do! I had really thin yarn, so I found I had to double her estimates in the tutorial. I also ended up just wrapping the yarn around my thumb and found with 150 wraps I was able to get a plump, 3" pom pom out of it. I used about half a skein to make ~10 2-3" pom poms. I recommend starting on your thumb to use less yarn and see how you think. More fingers = bigger pom = more wraps of yarn.

fireworks 1web

I also think they would be cute on twigs instead of wooden kitchen skewers, don't you? I may try that next time. These little guys are super fast and easy to make; I could totally see doing this with a child. They really perk up corners and could also be great to decorate packages....hmm...

fireworks 3 web

I never knew making pom poms was that easy! What have you made with pom poms?


Traveling Mama said...

These are sooo cute! I keep watching the three leaves hang on to the tree outside my window... won't be much longer!

Kelly said...

This is a really clever use of the pom pom maker! I have one and don't use it very often, but I love how you turned this into a flower arrangement.

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

I saw your comment on sew 4 home and just had to stop by. These are really lovely.

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