Sunday, December 19, 2010

Fourth Advent Sunday

Today we get to light the fourth candle in our wreath! I'm all sorts of excited; it means Christmas is happening this week!! We've been putting the lights up out on the balcony, baking like crazy people, wrapping gifts, having guests stop by, shoveling snow, and oh the hype!!! Christmas is truly a celebration - and I love the Advent season to get us ready!

I love how the Advent readings are about telling the exciting back-story leading up to Christmas day. We've been following the story of two women and their unusual situations, and today we're hearing about the first woman's child (and here's what he grew up to be). I've posted weeks one, two and three, so now here's the set of readings for week four.

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Traveling Mama said...

I love it so, so much too! I got your card today and it is just so lovely! Thank you so much for thinking of us and your sweet words. It means so much to us to have friends like you in our lives!

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