Friday, September 24, 2010

Make and Read

Here's a short round up of some fun things I've found online lately, maybe you'll like them too!

Lists collage web

1) Cute idea, really cheap, too: DIY microwave popcorn. You could totally make this into a cute neighbor gift or something for the holidays.

2) In addition to hanging pictures tomorrow, I'll be making this pumpkin pie spice cake with cream cheese frosting for a family get together. My sister made the muffins earlier this week and said it was delish, so I'll be raiding my secret stash of American pumpkin puree for the cake!

3) Great sewing tutorial that is really clear in its explanation of terms and steps. I've made napkins before, but I totally learned something from this free downloadable mitered napkin tutorial.

4) There are so many of these beige tote bags used as grocery bags here in Germany. I think I might snag of my MILs this weekend and surprise her with a make-over version. Check out Design*Sponge's DIY market bag makeover.

5) Katie's writing love letters. You can too, check out her adorable love letters journals.

6) So clever and 'duh' at the same time: personalize store-bought cards.

7) Love that there's a recipe for DIY homemade Febreeze.

8) Love Nicole's method of losing weight. I've been writing down my weekly digits, but graphing them out seems to be a much more encouraging way to go about it!

9) Oldie, but goodie: how to improve your cheapo webcam's lighting quality. I totally tried some of his tricks on my most recent Skype call.


Antje said...

Thanks for sharing! Really nice finds. :-)
Will you continue your vacation series? I am curious to hear more about your trip to Scandinavia.

juliette said...

Hi Antje! Yes, I definitely will, too many good things not to share! I had big issues w/the computer and my camera for a while, so now I'm getting back on track!

Allison said...

That's so funny... I had a pumpkin puree stash too. My second year over here my grandmother sent me a "thanksgiving care package" with stuffing, canned pumpkin, pie spice, condensed milk, and cranberries! Am planning to restock if the suitcases aren't too heavy on this trip. This year we get the "real deal" for Turkey Day... can't wait!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, Sign me up for #1 and #2. I'm off to investigate that Febreeze link now. These are awesome!

M.S. said...

Jules, I like the way you think (and blog!).

Go Long! Go Green! said...

I am one of ingrid's friends. I just became a follower .... would you follow my blog too?

Thanks!! PS> Your blog is amazing! Love the pictures!!

My Owl Barn said...

These are all amazing picks! That beige bag is so cool. I have to check out the tutorial. Thanks!

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