Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Corner View: Free Kawaii Mustache Downloadable

So this weeks' Corner View theme is 'The incredible, mysterious mustache' and I totally thought I had to share this free download I ran into recently.

blog moustache web

This adorable digital scrabooking kit is great for dolling up blogs, too. (cough cough) I think my niece is still adorable. The sunglasses and purse are her requisite 'going out' apparel; I find this hilarious!

The creative maven behind Minitoko is really an interesting sort: she lives in France, loves Japanese things, and teaches computer graphics. Check out Minitoko's blog, and check out her amazing shop where she has pages of freebies and even more pages full of digital kawaii kits for purchase. Craziness - this is not your typical scrapbooking!

PS - we didn't hang the pictures yet; we've been hopping down rabbit trails looking for sconces and have found none. Oddly enough, we found some affordable art for the worst wall in the house. I think it will cover half the wall, thank goodness. More later!

For more mysteriously moustasche'd Corner Views, check out the list on Cate's post.


Kelly said...

The photo of your niece is hilarious! Love her little pink sunglasses. Good luck with the sconce search. That's one of those things that always seems really easy to find until you actually need one.

Theresa said...

Very cute
Made me laugh

Barb said...

So....let's see the cute little apron you made for your cute little niece....with a mustache, no less!! :0)

le blÖg d'Ötli said...

I can see an adorable little mustache!

Nice ideas for a "difficult" CV!

cate said...

these are so great! thanks for the hook ups!

Grey Lemon said...

Lovely moustaches, and dress too!
Sorry I had problem to access your blog and see images previously, however I've been able to see the etsy fav, Thanks a lot for the addition!

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