Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Roadtrip 2010: dream Helsinki

Another stop we're dreaming of on this summer's roadtrip is Helsinki, Finland. Just looking at these pictures gets me all hyped up because it's yet another spot on the coast, which means seeing lots of water! I miss the ocean so much!

We'll take a ferry from Stockholm and meet our dear Finnish friends on the other side. Seeing old friends will be awesome because it always is. Especially ones we haven't seen in over 2yrs!

Maybe we'll go check out the big flea market while we're there. Maybe we'll eat elk. Or salad. Or both. We'll certainly hit up a Marimekko store!

What would you do in Finland?


Amie McCracken said...

See reindeer! My family (a ways back) is from Finland. And they raised reindeer.

If I stuff myself in a little box and put it in your trunk can I come along on this amazing road trip?

Karoliina said...

Oh do I have ideas? Can't wait to see you!

I had to think hard to figure out where the middle picture is from. I used to go there as a child. However, both John and I think the bond in front of the Gardens is not quite as grand as it seems... But hey, great photography!

Correct spelling: HIEtalahti.

I smell adventure.

Karoliina said...

For reindeer we'll have to go to the zoo. Or... we also know a really good restaurant for that, but the reindeer won't be quite as "active".

jane said...

i´ve always wanted to go. can´t wait to hear all about it:)

julie said...

Seeing these pictures makes me yearn to go on a similar trip. I was covering an injured dancer on a cruise ship for two weeks in 2006 and the route included among others Stockholm, Helsinki and Kopenhagen. You only get to see places for an afternoon or even a couple of hours on these cruises, so it´s like I´ve had the appetizer version and promised myself to return some day to really experience them. I´m looking forward to hear from your road trip, it sounds great!

travelingmama said...

I want to go to that flea market!! That looks like so much fun! Thanks for all the help about the bikes. It has been SOOO helpful. Now that I'm starting to feel better I will back out finishing up buying everyone a bike! Hope your week is going well!

Jutta said...

Oh you are coming to Finland as well! Welcome! I live in the north so I don't have any good tips for Helsinki, but I'm sure your friends know plenty :)

Charlotta Ward said...

Hello - it is such a crime that I have never been to Finland!!
Admittedly I haven't lived in Sweden for the past 22 years, but I still am guilty as charged of never having hopped across the bay to our talented, and beautiful neighbours! Something I MUST rectify next time we're up North!

Thanks for this post. Am taking notes.
x Charlotta

Tiina said...

Helsinki is always a fabulous place to visit, specially during the summer time!
Go to Kaivopuisto for some champagne picnic and also visit nice bars as Karuselli and Grotesk. You should also try the russian restaurant Sashlik, it's divine!
have a lovely day!

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