Sunday, August 2, 2009

what's cookin' in the kitchen? Pt 2

I love my new kitchen. Boy have we come a long way! Last week I was inspired to make some peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, so since I didn't have my cookbooks yet unpacked, I propped up the laptop in the kitchen and pulled the KitchenAid off the shelf. Check out all the work space!!
I usually buy my pb at a local Asian market because it's cheaper and more like the all natural style. This time, for some reason, I only had the overpriced imitation pb from the German grocery store. It tasted kinda Crisco-esque but I wanted those cookies, so I just went with it. They still tasted pretty good, but wow! did it make the dough fluffy! I'm certain it's what contributed to making nearly every cookie break in half on the cooling racks.
By the way - thank you Martha Stewart for the idea of using little curtain tension rods to organize large, flat items. I've added more rods and items since this picture, but suffice to say there is hardly a clang when I have to pull out the right piece!
Never mind that tension rods here are 4 euro + each.... It's part of the pain of organizing. The counter is looking pretty good now:
but now it's even better since Stefan finally got around to installing the under-counter lights we'd purchased.
Um. Hello. That is MY kitchen.
Our knives are finally out of the drawer and neatly organized. Did you most knives aren't dulled from chopping, but from improper storage (ie banging against stuff in the drawers)? I'm also happy that they're out of reach of the little people that visit us from time to time.
Yep, we're pretty happy with the kitchen. All the hard work is paying off and it feels good to enjoy the results! We're hoping to get my jam jar lamp thing finished - we tried this weekend, but ran into a few hiccups, so once we talk to our electrician buddy we hope to get that finished this week! Stay tuned!


travelingmama said...

I LOVE your kitchen!! Your KitchenAid is so cute!! I love that color! I was so boring and went white. Okay, I'm looking back at the photos and drooling over your sleek cabinets... and those cookies too!

Waterlilly said...

Everything is looking good! You definitely need a few fun cushions for your sofa and LR - what colors do you like?

Katie @ said...

Your kitchen and livingroom are looking beyond amazing so far - I love them. I want to come see them.

Laura said...

It looks great! I also have a kitchen aid, actully bought in the States and on a converter. But I can't live without it!

juliette said...

Thanks everybody! and Laura - I use a converter too - it's just out of view in the picture =)

Katie @ said...

Juliette, I just was thinking about your mention of chocolate chips. Did you chop up bars of chocolate or do you know a secret that I don't? I can't wait to see more updates when you have them!

The Antiques Diva™ said...

Hi! I just delightedly discovered you as a follower on my twitter account, checked out your blog and was hooked, line & sinker! Nice to "meet" you and look forward to getting to know you through cyber space!
All the best,
Toma, aka The Antiques Diva

Epp said...

Hi again! I've spent the last 45 minutes updating myself on your progress in decorating. (We have spent the last month in our native Estonia, where I could hardly find time to do anything else online than just checking/replying my e-mails, so all the blogs that I love are loaded with new stuff!) I love how everything finds its place! The kitchen looks great, and the knife rack seems also very handy. Although I would personally prefer all my knives and cutlery hidden in the drawer, I have been thinking about a similar solution in the hallway - for our keys. I wonder if the same (magnet) rack would work for keys as well... Is it IKEA?

juliette said...

Epp - welcome back! yes, it's Ikea - I will say it's a pretty strong magnet, so try putting your keys on it in the store and see if you can deal with how that feels first. And yes, given a bigger counter or more skinny top drawers, I would stash my knives elsewhere. I only have 1 skinny top drawer already full of the everyday cutlery, and I didn't like the knives within easy reach (aka lower drawers) of little hands. Can't wait to see how your kitchen is coming along!

jja said...

I love your kitchen, it is pritty much the same as mine :-)

NK said...

HI, I love your kitchen and I"m thinking of getting an Ikea kitchen myself. Can you tell me if you got their appliances as well?? How do you like them?

Juliette said...

We have all Ikea appliance except for the fridge. It's been a really positive experience so far -I actually think the oven is 10 degrees off, though. However, I'm in Germany, so I'm not sure about the American lines...?

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