Sunday, August 2, 2009

Contact, is the answer, is the reason...

Name that TV show. (Americans only, sorry)

I had some leftover contact paper that my parents had sent me for a project at our old apartment (covering hideous 1960's tiles in the old kitchen). I decided to give my little storage room a facelift. Why did my parents send me American contact paper? Because I can't find anything like it here in Germany that isn't covered in permanent adhesive, and we couldn't risk it not coming off the tiles in our old place. Here's our current storage room before:

and after:

I didn't expect it to make such a huge difference in my everyday life, but both Stefan and I are pleased with how much more pleasant it looks. It also helps that we put all the empty boxes in the attic and installed some more kitchen baskets.


cliff1976 said...

Contact, is the answer, is the reason...
Name that TV show.

Uh..."3-2-1-Contact", right?

Was The Bloodhound Gang one its segments?

likeschocolate said...

The apartment looks fantastic! That is so strange that your cookies broke in half. Maybe you need to fork them each way. Peanut Butter cookies usually don't rice very much.

juliette said...

The Bloodhound Gang - yeah!

likeschocolate: i'm convinced it was the crisco-y, fluffy, fake German pb, but I still liked the recipe, so I'll know for sure next time when I use my Asian Markt pb =)

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