Monday, August 17, 2009

End tables: Take 2

I can't believe only 8 weeks ago we were not living in this apartment yet. We have done a LOT in 8 weeks! I've been too busy to even blog the progress, but for now: We got rid of our lame DIY end tables and have these guys.
I like how there's not a lot of visual bulk to them and how there's a shelf below to stash books and magazines (thereby creating visual bulk...ahem).


Antje said...

Wir haben die gleichen Tische!!

Sie sind super. :-)

Auch bei IKEA hier gekauft.

Liebe Grüße über den großen Teich.

The Antiques Diva™ said...

Finding the perfect items for your home is always such fun!

travelingmama said...

I love this! The flowers are so cute! BTW- everything I'm reading about Danish healthcare says that is is awful. I'm actually really scared about having three kids there because there is always someone sick! I guess we'll have to be like we are here and just self medicate. sigh... maybe it will be better than I'm thinking. One can hope, right?

juliette said...

TM: oh dear. one would hope after 18yrs there would be some improvement!! Good that you can self-medicate. I have the Harvard Family Medical Guide and a book called the Green Pharmacy. Honestly, they're great. Saves me from lots of needless dr trips and random pills. I will say the Apotheke here in Germany are super helpful with stuff, so maybe there's something like in DK?

Barb said...

I'm glad to know about the Family Medical Guide and the Green Pharmacy -- if Mr. Obama has his way with the US Healthcare system -- there may be a run on those books!!

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