About Me

My name is Juliette and I'm an American living in a little German university town. Zuhause in Germany started as a way for me to document how we were setting up our latest German apartment to friends and family. Over time it's become the place where I share what I've been working on and what inspires me. 

I work as a freelance editor (Lektorin) and writing instructor. I'm also an avid crafter, but this is my primary creative outlet. I once did an interview here.

In German, the noun das Zuhause means 'home' in English. This is also a reflection of the bilingual life I lead (I married a German!), so don't be surprised if you learn a few German words reading this blog!

Some of the things I've done have been featured on Decor8, Brigitte, and SoLebIch.de.

Any questions? Feel free to email me

PS- Deutsche Kommentare sind auch in Ordung! Verstehen gehts...aber schreiben ist was anderes! -eigentlich brauche ich meine eigene Lektorin, oder? ;-)
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