Friday, August 8, 2014

Cats & Coffee in Amsterdam

This past spring we camped out at a cafe in Amsterdam for a while and were greeted by this fellow. He was the friendliest of cats, purring and cuddly,  and looking to make a friend or two. The sunny window seat had beckoned to us both, so he hopped up next to me and settled in for a while.

Eventually he decided to take a snooze, and all our drink-fidgeting sent him in search of a quieter corner. It looks like he settled in just fine. There's something about that, right? Something simple and easy: Let's be friends, but I'll give you space when you need it. I think there's a lesson in that.

Here's to travels and cafes, cats and friendships.

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Innovativ Kreativ said...

Really like your blog. I´m an American living in Austria, for already such a long time.
I fell in love with Amsterdam, actually whole Netherlands, a year ago. Miss it so much...the open windows, the flowers, cheese...

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