Friday, April 4, 2014

The Dragon's Fruit

The big news in our town is that a new grocery store opened this week. This says so much, right? So of course I had to join the masses to see what it looked like, but I waited until a day after opening because I'm cool like that...not at all. I ran into one of my book club friends and we simultaneously geeked out over the increased cheese selection (guess what book club is really all about). I then proceeded to buy things I don't need simply because selection! everything looks pretty! opening week sales! all the Germans are smiling! (I kid, sort of) and did I mention selection?

Anyhow, so I had to bring home a dragon fruit because selection! and it was the first time I'd seen one since forever. My best and only memory of eating dragon fruit was years ago in Guatamala. I was on a business trip of sorts and was flat out exhausted. It was pouring rain and we were sweating under our raincoats, meaning misery multiplied. Somebody spotted what looked like a hot dog cart piled with bright pink dragon fruit. So we decide to buy some and the guy cuts them open for us and I'm just amazed because this was the first time I'd actually seen a dragon fruit, much less seen what one looked like inside. And folks, it was b.r.i.g.h.t., like neon bright! And somehow just looking at these things and marveling that we were eating something this color made us supremely HAPPY. They also tasted amazing.

Now not every type of dragon fruit is bright pink on the inside, in fact, most are white with black seeds. I have a feeling that's what I'll find this time around. But after reading up on them, it looks like I need to wait a bit for mine to ripen. Apparently all the lovely green bits are supposed to get brown and gross before the inside is at it's best. I think we can find a nice metaphor for life there, or ?

As much as I had fun playing with my new camera to get these pictures, I wanted some kind of accompanying text, and this week's prompt of 'writer' was just the motivation I needed to get me into gear. Writing is something I enjoy, and something I want to continue to explore, much like photography. I think that while a picture can often say so much, sometimes there's more to the story than meets the eye.

Have you ever had dragon fruit? Is writing a 'thing' for you? Anybody else geek out over new grocery stores? (j/k on the last one, actually, no really, I want to know!)


jviola79 said...

I had a dragon fruit for the very first time not so long ago. I had never even seen one until someone gave one to my husband for me to try. I enjoyed it immensely. When you finally cut it, you are going to find the little black seeds most curious. I bet they would actually make for some beautiful photos! I visited from FMF this morning. So loved the fact that your post was so different from what I would have expected. I mean that most sincerely. I loved it!

Beth Pederson said...

Jumped over from Lisa Jo's and I have never heard or seen dragon fruit in my life time .... the photo makes it look yummy and as far as geek-ing out on new grocery stores I love when we have a new Whole Foods open in town.

Blessings, Beth

Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

We had an opportunity to taste this when we were in China. Kind of taste similar to a Kiwi. Not my favorite, but was still fun to try something new.

Allison said...

Come on now,... you know you weren't kidding. You seriously got a laugh out loud on this one!

Juliette said...

@jviola79 -Glad to happily surprise! =)

@Allison -Just doin' the Happy Shopper Dance! =D

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