Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Party Planning: Sophisticated Safari

There's a big celebration slated to happen this summer: a milestone birthday and the fulfillment of a lifelong dream to go on a safari. My mother-in-law has asked me to help plan her party's decorations, so today we're off on our first supply-hunting trip!

Due to the logistical needs of certain important guests, we'll need to work hard to transform a dark and dated room into something special. We're going for a sophisticated black & white safari theme with lots of coral, peach and gold accents. Thankfully we'll be working with white walls, so we're hoping larger groupings of color will help people focus on the prettier elements in the room.
Fabric is going to be our main decorating staple. From simple no-sew tablecloths and napkins, to 'curtains' that will be draped over some frumpy window treatments (1980's floral swags, ugh), we have our hopes up high. I'm hoping Ikea will be our friend in this department. Once we see the actual colors of the fabric we can order complementary paper decor.

Paper decor in the forms of fans, pom poms and honeycomb balls (Wabenball) are also on the agenda. I've found a few German online shops that seem to sell what we're looking for -or at least the supplies, so we should be all set on that front. I'm also hoping to get crafty using images from this book, perking up napkin rings and other corners.
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One thing I just can't find is plastic animals. Rather, I can't find affordable ones -and no, I'm not going to pay 5 Euro just for one elephant when I need about 30! I've sourced the gold paint, so I just need the animals. I thought some gold-painted animals would be fun scattered around the tables and buffet. I think I may not know how to search well auf Deutsch. Any ideas?

Vielleicht einer von euch könnte mich helfen: Wo kann ich einfache Plastiktiere finden? Ich glaube ich kenne kein richte Deutsche Suchbegriff und kann deswegen nichts finden. Hier im Ort kann ich die finden, aber die sind ziemlich teuer, finde ich (fast 5- Euro für ein Elfen!). Auch bei Amazon gibt es keine Tüte von günstige Plastiktiere, schade.

I have to say I've been loving the painted plastic animal trend and am glad to have an excuse to try it myself (providing I can find some animals)! What do you think about it?


wunderschön-gemacht.de said...

liebe juliette, das sieht sehr vielversprechend aus! viel spass beim party-vorbereiten! leider weiss ich auch nicht, wo man günstig plastiktiere kaufen kann....vielleicht bei ebay nach gebrauchten schleichtieren suchen? viel glück und alles liebe, dunja

Jutta said...

love the moodboards! i blame blogs, but i've been desperately wanting to decorate for a party for a while now. too bad my son's birthday isn't til november! well, at least that gives me plenty of time to plan :D

Christina said...

Hast Du evtl. ein Tedi oder Kik in der Nähe? Dort haben sie öfter mal so Tüten mit Tieren. Ich kann gerne mal in unserem Tedi gucken, ob ich dort etwas finde!
oder vielleicht sind diese was für Dich: http://www.ebay.de/itm/Konvolut-Zootiere-Figuren-Tierfiguren-Tiere-Zoo-Tierpark-Afrika-70er-Jahre-/200922495667?pt=Kleinkinderspielzeuge&hash=item2ec7e9fab3

lg, Christina :o)

Juliette said...

@Christina + @Dunja: Vielen Dank für die verschiedene Ideen! Ich werde posten wenn ich was finde. Kik gibts auch hier in die Nähe... xo

Mareike said...

If you know someone who has a business they might be able to get into the METRO in Giessen - they might have boxes of the little plastic animals, since they are supplying businesses. In Giessen there is also a shop that is selling stuff for Kindergärten, they might have what you are looking for, too.

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