Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Washi Style: Easter

I like the saying, "Never return an empty container" when talking about something somebody loaned you. A sweet friend recently stopped by and brought us a cake just because she felt like it. I'd wanted to return her plate with a lamb-shaped cake on it, but I had a total baking fail on that front (2 fails to be exact). So I just used washi tape to dress up some origami paper and a smaller version of this printable. I love how washi tape can be easily removed -it's so versatile!

I also taped up the same printable, but in a bigger size, in our kitchen. This literally took just 2 minutes. Washi frames are fun and removable. They're also nice in that they can easily be enlarged to fit a weird-sized empty space on a wall. I find this really helpful as we have some blank wall patches where we either haven't got around to buying a frame, or simply don't have anything for the space.
These are some simple and fun ways I like to use washi tape. Keep in mind the 'real' washi tape (like the MT brand) will easily come off, but if you having something that is labeled 'decorative tape' it may use different adhesives that are stronger and may damage surfaces upon removal. Also, our walls are painted with latex paint (latex Farbe is not normal in Germany), so if you use a different paint on your walls you may have different results.

Have you gotten into the washi tape craze? What do you use your tapes for?

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