Friday, April 12, 2013

Stitched Canvas Word Art DIY

I started this forever ago, but finally got around to finishing it (story of my crafting life!). This is a really quick and easy project to make unless you're crazy indecisive, like me. The walls have been frightfully blank in our kitchen, so I'm happy to have a larger piece of wall-filler next to my masking tape frame and unfinished -again, see?!- hangar art. The large artist's canvas' are pretty easy to find these days, so go grab one and get started!

Here's what you'll need:
  • blank white canvas
  • pencil
  • good quality eraser
  • embroidery thread (I used all six strands)
  • darning needle or other large needle (needs to be strong to break through the canvas)
  • embellishments (I made/used fabric yo-yos and fabric-covered buttons)
  • Hot glue gun or fabric glue
I lightly sketched out a word with pencil and then traced my word with a simple running stitch. It was a little tricky maneuvering around the wooden supports on the back of the canvas, but totally do-able. Go back and erase any visible pencil marks and adhere your embellishments. See? Easy! This is definitely a one-hour project and it only took me forever because I wasn't ready to commit to my embellishments and drag out the glue gun. Typical. (Oh, and now I wish I'd done different embellishments, so, yeah...)
Mine looks a little campy, but it suits the eating nook in our kitchen, especially with our DIY jam jar lamps. Originally I wanted to have more of a scrappy modern ribbon look going for the embellishments, but I just didn't have the right things available. I can imagine this project going all sorts of places depending on the thread colors and embellishments one could use. I like the idea of a smaller canvas using some neon thread and maybe just stitching out a pattern or something...the possibilities are endless!

I actually really want to make another one for my office and have that on the eternally long to-create list as well. I have some bits of Liberty fabric and a smaller canvas in mind... What would you add to a canvas?

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Kristin huds said...

This is really a great DIY project, i love this stitched canvas word art, many thanks for sharing..

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